Self-employed Professionals

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Professional Advising: Liberal & Diverse

The term “liberal professions“ is an umbrella term for many diverse professional groups which we advise according to their specific professional needs. From architects to doctors to civil engineers – the demands of this group are as wide as the spectrum of the professions.

Control of Finances and taxation

In the majority of cases our clients are “lone fighters“ or small and medium-sized companies who wish to keep their tax expenditure as low as possible. TPA has experts in different countries who can help you to secure control over your finances and to give you the maximum information to help you make decisions.

Take your Time – with Outsourcing

We will help you to keep your personal time output for administrative tasks to a minimum by taking on certain services such as accounting and payroll accounting – although self-employed, you do not have to do everything yourself of necessity. Nowadays, in particular in the case of the liberal professions, the outsourcing of certain service has become standard to enable you as a professional to concentrate on what is important to carry out your chosen profession.


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