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Put our auditors to the test. They are prepared for whatever comes their way.

So what makes a good auditor? They have to be extremely well-trained, objective and experienced, with a wealth of specialist knowledge. However, for us, it’s not only their technical expertise but also their social and emotional skills that are really important. This is because, to give good advice, your advisor needs to understand not just your figures but you and your needs as well.

Audits with additional value

Our responsibility as auditor extends far beyond mere confirmation that annual financial statements comply with legal regulations. It is our aim to create an „additional value audit“ for our clients with recommendations to optimise business processes, internal control systems and management information systems in every audit.

Our audit service portfolio: Due Diligence and prospectus audit

For both statutory and voluntary audits, we check whether your financial statements comply with the legal requirements and present the truest possible picture of your company’s assets, finances and profits.

A financial due diligence process goes far beyond a formal audit. You can expect us to carry out systematic and detailed collection, examination and analysis of your data.

We are experts in corporate governance and compliance and can help to safeguard the continuing existence of a company and its objectives by carrying out extremely detailed risk management.

We also offer extensive services in respect of special investigations and prospectus auditing – from audits under company law to IT audits.

We make you fit for the auditor

With our services such as advising you on how to organise your accounting systems, producing a tailor-made accounting manual, preparing for an internal control system audit or helping you set up and implement risk management systems, we can ensure that the audit process will run smoothly.

TPA auditors offer you, in addition to the audits of financial statements and special audits, expert knowledge in business consultancy and in international accounting (IFRS/US-GAAP).

Auditing services in Central and Middle East Europe

With our tax & audit subsidiaries in eleven CEE/SEE countries as well as the involvement in the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance, we can offer our internationally active clients an efficiently executed audit which is in accordance with the “International Standards on Auditing” (ISAs).

The TPA Group is one of the leading companies in the CEE/SEE region offering tax consulting and auditing services at offices in 12 countries in Central and South Eastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. At every tax and audit office there is a German and English Desk available.