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19. November 2019 | Reading Time: 2 Min

Business Consulting Services - TPA

We are pleased to inform you that TPA Serbia has established a cooperation in the field of business consulting with Finance Professionals Hub. The team of TPA Serbia will work in cooperation with the Hub to improve the business environment in the Republic of Serbia, but also provide members with educational content that should contribute to better quality work in real business conditions.

What is Financial Due Diligence? Why is FDD implemented?

In cooperation with the Finance Professional HUB the TPA Consulting team held a seminar about the different phases of an acquisition and when it makes sense to make use of a Finance Due Diligence. The tax & consulting experts Dusko Stojkov and Nemanja Slijvar showed the different stages of an acquisition and when and how the evaluation of the company looks like from the seller’s or purchaser’s view of point. What is the difference between the market vs. cost method of evaluation?

Business Consulting & Digitalisation: IT & Finance

Coming up next, is a seminar about financial, taxation and accounting topics in the fast growing IT sector in Serbia. The Tax regulations for the IT sector have changed significantly in the past period and are in the process of being changed again soon. Our experts will share their interpretations and predictions, that are important if you run a business in Serbia: Newly implemented regulatory framework, need of engaging IT professionals, how do the tax incentives work?

  • Are incentives only for companies in the innovation / Start-Up sector? Conditions?
  • How high are the incentives for Serbian Businesses really in Income Tax? in Corporate Tax?
  • Legal Regulation & best practise examples: Lump-sum entrepreneur
  • Business: What tax changes are coming in 2020?

Wide range of Business Consulting Services

TPA Serbia provides a wide range of business consulting services. The expertise includes, among others, M&A, Financial Due Diligence, International Accounting Standards Advice, Risk Management, Subsidy Advice, Corporate Finance and Controlling, CFO Advice and Valuation, Corporate Finance and Controls, CFO Advice, and Valuation.

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