TPA Group’s COVID-19 Task Force

15. May 2020 | Reading Time: 2 Min

COVID19- cee support programs for companies in CEE- TPA PDF

COVID-19 measures in Central & Eastern Europe

The governments of different countries have decided on immediate actions to moderate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their national economy. Our local experts from CEE/SEE present the details of the COVID-19 virus relief measures by 12 countries: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Get your PDF copy of the TPA ‘Investing in CEE’ series by country or ask our local TPA tax experts!


Do you have questions about the current COVID-19 Measures for companies and entrepreneurs in the CEE / SEE region?

Ask our experts in CEE/SEE!

COVID 19 Task Force of the TPA Group in CEE/SEE

Our Task Force for your questions about the coronavirus!

Do you have a company in CEE/SEE? For any economic questions about COVID-19 our experts are available to you in Central and South Eastern Europe!

South East Europe Region


South Easst Europe Expert Haneder - Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria...

Thomas Haneder
TPA expert for Southeast Europe

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Investing in Albania

Investing in Bulgaria

Investing in Croatia

Investing in Montenegro

Investing in Serbia


Yasmin Wagner - TPA Steuerberatung
Yasmin Wagner
Partner at TPA Austria

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Investing in Austria


Petr Karpeles
Partner at TPA Czech Republic

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PDF: Investing in Czech Republic


Jozsef Szemeredi
TPA Partner at TPA Hungary

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PDF: Investing in Hungary


Wojciech Sztuba
Partner at TPA Poland

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Jan Glas
Partner at TPA Romania

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PDF: Investing in Romania


TPA Slovakia Peter Danovsky
Peter Danovsky
Partner at TPA Slovakia

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PDF: Investing in Slovakia


Michael Knaus TPA Slovenia Steuerberatung
Michael Knaus
Partner at TPA Slovenia

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PDF: Investing in Slovenia

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