Slovakia: VAT from 1.1.2018

19. June 2017 | Reading Time: 2 Min

The upcoming amendment act to the Slovak VAT Act expected to take effect as of 1 January 2018 brings some important changes for business men and investors, like the faster refund of overpaid tax.

Changes in the area of VAT in Slovakia

  •  Faster refund of a portion of the overpaid tax based on the control statement.
  • The obligation to provide a collateral on tax is extended to also apply to applicants being natural persons or legal entities which have VAT arrears on the day they file an application for registration for VAT purposes in amount of EUR 1,000 or more or whose registration for VAT was cancelled.
  • One of the conditions to claim a trilateral transaction is being changed forbidding the first customer to have a registered office or permanent establishment in the Member State of the second customer (based on the actual legislation, the first customer must not be registered for VAT in the Member State of the second customer).
  • The definition of the fixed assets for the purposes of deductible tax is proposed to be extended to include all structures.
  • A collective invoice may also be compiled where the recipient is a non-resident taxable person.

Where persons registered for VAT owing to acceptance of goods or services as per Art. 7 and Art. 7a take part in a trilateral transaction as the first customer, they will be required to file a summary statement.

If you have further questions about the expexted tax changes in Slovakia, contact our local tax advisors in Bratislava or get an overview of the current tax system in our free brochure ‘Investing in Slovakia 2017


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