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We take care of your accounts in different countries. We take matters off your hands.

Entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly important to focus on their company’s core competencies. You need to be flexible in taking entrepreneurial decisions and to respond quickly to market demands.

We provide professional and reliable support to you with clear reports, no matter if you are active in one country or doing cross-border business. What you get is a service package individually tailored to your needs that will cover your back.

Do you spend more time on accounting matters than on your own business?

The outsourcing of accounting services has become a success factor for many companies throughout various industry sections. Whether in book-keeping, payroll accounting, annual accounts or performance management: in collaboration with you, we analyse what tasks TPA experts can take off your hands. We create customised company and industry-specific solutions that are optimised from a tax perspective as well as cost-efficient.

Financial Outsourcing in the Digital Age

TPA accounting experts help you to be in full control of your finances at all times. Wherever you are, thanks to our around-the-clock online access, your accounting records and reports are just one click away.

Save a significant part of your total accounting costs – outsourcing eliminates the cost of recruiting staff, providing ongoing training, replacement of staff and paying for expensive software. Using the latest specialised accounting software means we are able to process your accounting documents as efficiently and accurately as possible It also limits the financial risk facing your company through eliminating potential penalties.

Our Accounting and Financial services in CEE/SEE

Finance and accounting experts at TPA can offer you extensive support and cross-border knowledge in financial accounting and payroll accounting at all TPA tax & audit offices in Central and South East Europe. With the global network of Baker Tilly International we are able to provide our digital accounting services worldwide.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Preparation of VAT advance returns
  • Processing of monetary transactions
  • Reporting
  • Dunning
  • Outsourcing Accounting

Find out more about our digital programme for accounting

Get to know all the advantages of our Outsourcing Services! Making the outsourcing of your accounting as easy as possible for your company. Our secure and reliable services are fully insured and we utilise a thorough review system to eliminate the risk of human error. The strict confidentiality of our clients is guaranteed.

Find out more about our cross-border services in financial outsourcing in Central and South Eastern Europe: Contatct our accounting and tax professionals in your country in your language!

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