Albania: Tax Update 2020

11. March 2020 | Reading Time: 2 Min


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1. E-invoicing and tax filing

Albania Government passed a law that will implement a new online billing system to prevent businesses from circumventing tax payments and to boost revenue in the country. The Albanian authorities hope to increase VAT revenues by 15% with this new e-invoice initiative. Recently, Italy stated that it had closed its VAT gap by over 10% with its new SdI e-invoice initiative this year.
Taxpayers registered as businesses will be required to submit B2B and B2C invoices in real-time from 1 September 2020. All invoices must be live reported to the tax authorities. All filings and supporting records must also be processed electronically.

2. Amendments on the Law “On income tax”

The main objective of the changes in this law is extending the base of income taxable in Albania and relieving the tax burden for certain categories and promoting production.

Corporate income tax

The CIT reduced rate of 5% will be applied for the automotive industry in an attempt to promote the automotive sector.

Loss carry forward

Taxpayers that have business project with investment more than or equal to 1 billion ALL in Investors will be allowed to carry losses forward for 5 years.

Expense deduction

Companies involved in exports can deduct up to 3% of their turnover for expenses related to marketing expenses for abroad trade fairs and exhibitions.

Companies with a profit up to 100 million ALL involved in sponsoring sport teams, member of sport federations can deduct for tax purpose up to three times the value sponsored.

Personal income tax changes

Exemption for pension income from EU countries for Albanian residents.
Exemption for transferring of real estate properties between family member limited to one event.
Individuals with a gross annual income more or equal to 2,000,000 ALL (16,424 EUR) are required to file. Exempt for these rule are the individuals employed in more than one employee that are required to file for a gross annual income starting at 0 ALL.

3. Amendments on the Law “On VAT”

As of 01.01.2020, for the supply of the electric vehicles VAT rate applied becomes 0%.


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