Real Estate Guidebook 2020 – Poland

2020: Real estate market in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

2020 will be unlike any of the periods we have experienced after the political transformation in the late eighties and early nineties of the 20th century. The unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, in various forms will significantly affect the vast majority of spheres of economic activity in Poland and worldwide. The real estate and construction industries won’t be an exception. As of today it is impossible to comprehensively assess the scale of the negative impact of the epidemic on their development in the coming months, as it is the first time we all have faced such a large-scale pandemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic & Real Estate Market

Today it is he problems that emerge due to the coronavirus epidemic that come to the fore. This does not mean, however, that the others that have been in existence before have disappeared – on the contrary. As advisors with many years of experience, we know well that the day-to-day accounting problems, whose complexity, instead of being reduced, is increasing from year to year, can make the employees of accounting departments simply get lost in the maze of standards and regulations that they have to face.

TPA Group’s COVID-19 Task Force

Guide for the construction and real estate industry

In order to ensure that the key topics related to the bookkeeping are not an additional complication in daily work in this difficult period, we have prepared the fifth edition of the guide for the construction and real estate industry. This year’s edition was enhanced with new case studies, which TPA Poland experts had the opportunity to work on in 2019.

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