Romania: Tax Update 2021

11. April 2021 | Reading Time: 1 Min

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What investors & companies need to know!

What tax changes will 2021 bring in Romania? What should investors pay attention to in the future – and which decisions will benefit them? TPA’s experts have summarized the most significant tax news for Romania for you.


Romania: Tax Highlights & Updates 2021

We present below the main amendments to the tax legislation that would apply in 2021:

  • Expenses generated by transactions performed with persons resident in a state included on the List of Non-cooperative Jurisdictions are non-deductible
  • Corporate tax payers may apply the system of profit tax consolidation
  • Dividends received by a microenterprise tax payer from Romanian legal persons are non-taxable
  • DAC 6 compliance obligations are in place
  • The withholding tax rate on certain types of income (e.g. interest payments, royalties, etc.) obtained by individuals resident in the EU / states with which Romania has concluded a double taxation agreement is 10 %
  • The revaluation of the buildings owned by legal entities for local tax purposes is to be carried out at 5-year intervals


New: 12 Countries. 12 Tax Systems.

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