Accounting: TPA wins 4 CECCAR awards

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CECCAR “Accounting expertise firmsTPA Romania: Bucharest & Cluj

This years CECCAR, the body of Licensed Accountants and Expert Accountants in Romania, has presented companies in the TPA Romania Group with several awards for results achieved in 2018.

CECCAR: Accounting Expertise Firms

  • 3rd place for TPA Accounting in the national ranking
    CECCAR members in the mixed and foreign capital “Accounting expertise firms” category

In recognition of TPA’s core values and philosophy, as encapsulated by its “Face to Face Business” motto, TPA Accounting ranked 3rd in the national rankings of CECCAR.

Only those who communicate on equal footing and who can identify with every project they face will find the most suitable solution. We speak your language, know your line of business and are fully committed to your concerns. Our experts can empathize with your individual situation, can read between numbers and at the same time focus on the most important aspect of our shared vision: your success.

TPA Group’s Philosophy

  • Place for TPA in Cluj for their results in 2018
    CECCAR rankings in the „Accounting expertise firms“ category for results achieved in 2018

In addition to this, TPA Romania’s Cluj office, TPA Transilvania Contax, came first in the CECCAR rankings in the “Accounting expertise firms” category for results achieved in 2018, thus confirming the high level of service quality delivered by our colleagues in Cluj.

Accounting expert romania ceccar tpa cluj bucharest

CECCAR: Accounting Professions in Romania

  • CECCAR Recognitions for TPA offices in Bucharest & Cluj
    Promoting Accounting Professions in Romania

Finally, TPA Romania and TPA Transilvania Contax were both recognised by CECCAR for the important role played in promoting the accounting profession in Romania.

TPA is the tax advisory and auditing services company in Central and South-East Europe. The range of services it offers include tax advisory, accounting & financial reporting, auditing and advisory.