Wolfgang Höfle

  • Experte für Lohnverrechnung in Österreich - Steuerberater Wolfgang HöfleTax Advisor | Business Advisor at TPA Austria

  • Expert for Payroll Accounting in Austria

  • Head of the “Social Security, Labour Law, Wage Income Tax” Competence Centre

  • Chairman of the Working Group on Wage Income Tax of the Expert Commission for Tax Law of the Austrian Chamber of Accountants and Tax Consultants

  • Specialised Advisor and Author

  • Expert Lay Judge at the Supreme Court

  • Deputy Head of the Expert Senate for Tax and Social Law at the Chamber of Tax Advisors and Certified Public Accountants

Wolfgang Höfle is considered an expert in the field of wage income tax and social security. A further focus of his work is on the fields of employee relocation, payroll checks and pension law in Austria. He is the TPA expert for payroll accounting at TPA Austria.

Language skills: German, English



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