Real Estate Taxation Austria

Overview of real estate taxation in Austria

Real estate continues to be a very popular form of investment both in times of economic insecurity and stable business growth. It often offers tax advantages and the prospect of longterm capital appreciation, and is also an attractive form of retirement provision.

Changes in Income tax and VAT

TPA’s property experts have analyzed and summarized for you the most important tax provisions. This 25th edition of our brochure gives you a practical overview of the current position with respect to real estate taxation in Austria as of March 1, 2019 both for income tax and VAT.

Real estate-related provisions

The current edition also summarizes all real estate-related provisions and contains the most important innovations in directives and legal practice of past years in Austria.

TPA is one of Central and South Eastern Europe’s leading international tax consulting, auditing and advisory firms, specialising in top quality real estate consultancy.  All-round specialised real estate expertise leads to appreciable tax benefits for our clients in Austria and Central and South Eastern Europe.

Order now without charge:  Real Estate Taxation in German. We are working right now on the English version.

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Real Estate Taxation Austria


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