Investments in the Polish private rental sector

The Polish private rental sector (PRS) is experiencing significant changes and is approaching another major transformation: the emergence of an institutional rental market.

We observe growing interest in housing projects for rent on the institutional rental market. Investors are beginning to see the potential in the growing „generation rent” in Poland.

Together with REAS, we have prepared this report as a response to the growing need of information at the institutional rental market of the housing projects.

The report of the institutional rental market in Poland

The TPA and REAS report answer the following questions for investors in the private rental sector:

  • How should the project be structured?
  • What projects are most profitable?
  • Which locations are the most prospective?
  • What about the tax aspects?
  • Does the volatility of the legal and tax environments in Poland favor or inhibit the investment market?
  • Will the new investment forms maintained under the REIT concept activate an additional pool of funds for PRS?

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Investments in the Polish private rental sector


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