Webinar: The Digital Accounting – Romania


May 2020


Webinar: The Digital Accounting  – Romania

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The Digital Accounting-a pace of change towards better results and happier customers

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Join us on the 19th of May for our NRCC webinar on “The Digital Accounting-a pace of change towards better results and happier customers” when we will discuss about increased efficiency by focusing on the dynamics between finance and management and on tasks that bring added value to each company.

Presented by TPA Romania experts Claudia & Ana Stanciu.

Digital Accounting in a forever changing environment

In a forever changing economic and legal environment, entrepreneurs and top management members find it more challenging to provide financial information which is relevant to stakeholders having divergent interest. The advise of financial experts is more and more valuable in the decision making process of any business. Therefore, the time allocated to administrative and repetitive tasks becomes a waste management issue. More on Digital Accounting Services of the TPA Group!

The webinar is free of charge for NRCC members. Details on registration and costs for non-members on the NRCC website







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