Webinar: COVID-19 & Transfer Pricing


May 2020


Webinar: COVID-19 & Transfer Pricing

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? Friday 8 May – 11:00 a.m.

Webinar: COVID-19 & Transfer Pricing

The Webcast is free of charge.

The TPA Group and Baker Tilly Germany will host a webcast exploring the impact of COVID19 on value chains and transfer pricing systems.

COVID19: Transfer Pricing Set-Up

Speakers, Iris Burgstaller and Carsten Hüning, will go through a checklist of the main questions to be addressed for transfer pricing set-up regarding COVID-19, including:

  • Value Chain, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Legal Framework
  • Documentation & Benchmarking

? Friday 8 May

➡️ Register here: http://events.tpa-group.at/transferpricing

Details on the Webinar

You DON’T need to download any software to participate in the webcast. All you need is a stable internet connection and an up-to-date browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as the link, you receive after registration.

During the live webcast, you can use the commentary function to direct your personal questions to the speakers. Afterwards the video is still available, you can watch it on-demand at any time.

We are here for you! In good times as in bad.



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