Hotel Development & Investment – Vienna


August 2022


Hotel Development & Investment – Vienna

Hotel Development & Investment brings you through the life cycle of hotels – the development, investment and management of hotel  projects. Industry experts speak in English – the language of the hotel industry – on each step of the hotel life cycle, from  conceptualization to hotel property sales. You will fully engage with industry experts and the subject matter through communication and discussion of the concepts in each session, followed by a hands-on hotel life cycle case study.

Program of the workshop: The Hotel Life Cycle

Each day focuses on one of the three distinct phases in the hotel life cycle: development, investment and operations & mangement:

  • Day 1: Development
    Hotel design concept and development, revenue and expense forecasts, hotel construction and initiation of operations.
  • Day 2: Investment
    Hotel management and hotel lease contracts together with their negotiation and risks, the financing and capital sources, cash flow analysis and investment strategies.
  • Day 3: Operations & Exit
    Hotel operations and property management, the guest life cycle and the selling of hotel properties at the end of the investment.

Schedule & Venue

The event will take place in spring 2020 at TPA Steuerberatung in Vienna

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