Baker Tilly Europe Alliance meets in Poznan


The Baker Tilly Europe Alliance can look back at a successful first year, which was charaterised by cross-border co-operation and sustained growth

In the course of a meeting at the TPA office in Poznan (Poland), representatives from the TPA Group agreed with the management from Baker Tilly in Germany on an expansion of joint measures and on an intensification of cross-border operations.

Klaus Bauer-Mitterlehner was happy to announce that "After a one-year trial period, in which we got to know each other and also enjoyed some successes, our joint venture is now really coming to life". He added: "Now it is time to bring our idea about co-operation and cross-border teamwork to the market".

The following were present at the meeting in Poznan:

  • Ralf Gröning (Baker Tilly in Germany)
  • Wolfgang Richter (Baker Tilly in Germany)
  • Thomas Gemmeke (Baker Tilly in Germany)
  • Leopold Brunner (TPA Austria)
  • Karin Fuhrmann (TPA Austria)
  • Jan Glas (TPA Romania)
  • Krzysztof Kaczmarek (TPA Poland)
  • Rostislav Kunes (TPA Czech Republic)
  • Leopold Kuehmayer (TPA Austria)
  • Wojciech Sztuba (TPA Poland)

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The next step: A Business Development Meeting in Vienna

In order to optimally plan active Business Development measures, there will be a meeting in Vienna on 12th and 13th June with participants from Baker Tilly member firms from the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia.

The highlight of the year will be particpating together at one of the most important real estate fairs in the world - Expo Real 2017 in Munich. Experts from all 12 countries in the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance will be available at Expo Real for personal discussions at a large, representative booth.

The Baker Tilly Europe Alliance has a total of 39 locations in 12 countries in Central and South-East Europe, and it is ideally positioned to execute complex, international projects in this region. Through the Alliance partnership with the Baker Tilly international network, the 11 countries in the independent TPA Group are strongly interconnected worldwide and can offer high-quality services in all economically significant cities and regions.